Pamukkale Hijackers

Address : Near City Centre - Pamukkale, Turkey
Phone No : +90 541 543 39 66
Rating Summary : 4.5 / 5 (78 Reviews)
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An adventure sports company dealing in Para gliding & Air Hot Ballon & Microlight Pamukkale Hijacker Company is in Pamukkale ,Denizli. TANDEM PARAGLIDING: Tandem paragliding is for two people. Passenger fly with a professional tandem pilot. During the flight process, passenger just enjoys the magnificent wiev of Pamukkale Travertine and Hierapolis. Passengers do not need to any education or training before flying. Everybody can fly with us after a short briefing. Passenger's weight limit must be under 130 kg . The altitude of the take off point is 400 meter from Pamukkale. Flight time is changeable with the weather conditions which is between 10-20 minutes.

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sahana123 sahana123
18 February 2017
Hello, Me and my husband are visiting Pamukkale on 9th March and would like to do paragliding. What would be the cost and duration? Thanks, Sahana
My flight time was 6 minutes even though we had perfect conditions :( (Response from minimono)

MissyN_taz MissyN_taz
11 December 2016
Hi..i just want to ask it is posibble for us to do this activity during winter because we planning to go there on january@february..thank you
Hi Every period of the year possible We will wait for news from you thank you (Response from Hasan D)

Neeraj J Neeraj J
01 July 2015
Will you take people who have more in weight also for paragliding? I weight 115kgs.
hi yes , it is posseble. We will need just a little wind see u (Response from Hasan D)

Pamukkale Hijackers Reviews

13 January 2018
Great Experience (5.0 / 5)
amazing views from the sky of Hieropolis and the Travertines. The Tandem flyers were great and explained everything. They record the flight (16min) on their GO PRo and provide the files when done,

03 May 2018
Amazing experience and extremely professional (5.0 / 5)
Very very professional and hospitable folks and I thoroughly enjoyed my first paragliding experience. The photos and videos were costly though.

minimono minimono (Seattle, Washington)
02 June 2018
Bare minumum with inexperienced pilot (1.0 / 5)
Flying over Pamukkale was beautiful BUT I was given a very inexperienced pilot who did that absolute bare minimum. We had perfect conditions, other pilots rode thermals, did turns over the site, and even some spins. My female pilot had trouble raising the canopy (remember...

rrashid rrashid
08 January 2017
A very good experience! (5.0 / 5)
It was a sudden decision to take a paragliding ride. Our tour agent was the Turkey Insiders and they instantly called the Hijackers and at the next moment my family is in the air! These guys are experts and their confidence encouraged my 9 years...

Andrew K Andrew K (Sydney, Australia)
06 May 2017
Pamukkale paragliding (5.0 / 5)
Had an absolute blast with these guys was so much fun with spectacular views the pilot was very good and safe and got plenty of photos and videos at the end was awesome experience would recommend to anyone. 😀

dorisbetancourt dorisbetancourt (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
02 June 2017
Pamukale Tandem Paragliding the best (5.0 / 5)
I make two time the first day was good but the second time I find a very professional person to explain me everything he make me to feel very safe I enjoy every minute with him he was recording me and make me jokes I...

HPtheFarmer HPtheFarmer (Wageningen, The Netherlands)
11 December 2017
Very friends, very good (4.0 / 5)
It was a lot of fun going paragliding with these guys. They knew what they were doing, were very friendly and their English was quite good. The price they offered to us was very reasonable so I can advise everyone to go with this company....

26 July 2017
土耳其的家鄉味道 (5.0 / 5)
好難想像土耳其會有如此正宗的亞洲美食。老闆還送我們西瓜汁..超好的! Very delicious Asian food, the owner's super nice that would give us watermelon juice for free!! Reasonable price with very good food!!

soulsaging soulsaging (Mecca, Saudi Arabia)
24 November 2017
This was my first paragliding experience and it and the Hijackers did great! They were a bit pricier than some other companies in Pamukkale but the staff's hospitality and the experience was well worth it! Special thanks to Dahlia for being very helpful in giving...

Ciarra H Ciarra H
15 June 2017
Crashed at take-off but was okay. (2.0 / 5)
I arranged an early morning paragliding session in Pamukkale to catch the sunrise. The coach, driver and I arrived alone at a 400m hill on top of the beautiful Pamukkale. After the usual run, run, run, the coach and I took off slightly but my...

Ciarra H Ciarra H
15 November 2017
Safe, Fun Flight (4.0 / 5)
This is a great first time experience! I've been paragliding before and I have also been sky diving. This paraglide is gentle and easy so its great for your first time. The staff were very accommodating and it was a pleasure to fly with them.

Marina B Marina B
13 August 2017
First Flight Fun (5.0 / 5)
What a fantastic experience! Highly recommend the relaxed and humorous way in which these guys went about their business. I was so calm through the whole lead up, I couldn't believe I was doing this for the first time. Mahmoud and Hasan were terrific pilots....

Jim K Jim K (Mytilene)
28 August 2017
Family of 4 with twins 13 y.o. felt safe all the way but... (4.0 / 5)
All 4 of my family went for this thrilling ride. We were taken to the hill by a minibus including 6 other people (minibus driver, the 4 paragliding guides (1 for each of us) and another helper for takeoff and landing). It's an adrenaline pumping...

Kanchan Z Kanchan Z (Istanbul, Turkey)
04 May 2017
Perfect Thrill (3.0 / 5)
Dear readers, Must take a Paragliding activity in this area. You can get full view experience of viewing the Pammukale with a thrill. They are well trained, experienced and good for the activity. Can speak a bit of English. Only I felt that the duration...

Abu_Firas_11 Abu_Firas_11 (Doha, Qatar)
01 August 2017
My First Experience (5.0 / 5)
I never expect to try such a magnificent adventure. Paragliding is really amazing. Fly like a bird for about 10-15 minutes with assistance. Great view from the top to the city, Cotton Castle, museum and the theatre. The beginning is the most tricky part by...

01 August 2016
Funny experience and awesome view!! :) (4.0 / 5)
Paragliding in Pamukkale was a great experience!! highly recommended! you can enjoy the landscape from a completely different perspective and feel the freedom of a bird at the same time. The guys were very friendly and they also take pics and records of you while...

Mindaugas G Mindaugas G
08 September 2016
Truly remarkable experience (5.0 / 5)
I had an unforgettable experience with Pamukkale Hijackers. The pilots were friendly and professional. That's not a surprise knowing that they fly every day for years. Even knowing that, they take security seriously and they genuinely enjoy surfing the sky which makes a huge difference....

Sherin G Sherin G
15 September 2016
Highlight of Pammukale (5.0 / 5)
The guys (Ulas and Burman) gave me and my friend the best time of our Pammukale trip! It was exhilarating! Ulas made it more in by playing music once we took off!!! A recommendation for all thrill lovers and even first timers. Because of this...

05 May 2016
Had accident (1.0 / 5)
We were 2 who each did the flight. One of us were okay, the other one had an accident during take-off, completely because of poor instructions and actions of the "pilot". This review and rating reflects their incompetence during that incidence and secondly the fascinating...

alexandra j alexandra j
06 August 2016
Paragliding in pamukkale (5.0 / 5)
What a wonderful experience! The guys took very good care of me and were very professional. I was a bit nervous and they made it as easy and carefree as possible. I highly recommend this adventure in pamukkale!

Duffer G Duffer G
21 April 2016
Unforgettable & Exceptional experience in the air with Pamukkale Hijackers (5.0 / 5)
Life brings tears, smile, and memories. Tears dry smile fade but the memories last forever Thank you so much Pamukkale Hijackers for giving me such a memories. it was my first time i was very confused since the people in the team were very co-operative...

Anne O Anne O
20 May 2016
Brilliant!!! (5.0 / 5)
This was the most amazing experience my partner and I could have wished for. Very professional, safety conscious, friendly people. We purchased the movie and photos and we considered the price very reasonable. This is something that is probably a 'once in a lifetime' and...

sheetal2707 sheetal2707 (Bharuch, India)
23 September 2016
nice experience but is too short! (3.0 / 5)
paragliding was fun but what aws disappointing that after taking so much pains and patiently waiting for our turn, the landing was done toooo early. they claimed the reason as bad weather but over all good experience and safe pilots.

Ashburt Ashburt
06 September 2016
Leisure (5.0 / 5)
Most amazing adventure with professional team of gliders. Must do when you are in pamukkale. Cost is reasonable comparatively

anish2002 anish2002
24 June 2016
Amazing experience (5.0 / 5)
This experience was amazing ! The guys who took me to the summit of the mountain were so professionnal, nice and very helpful. Amazing views and landscapes ahead.

Scott C Scott C
18 May 2016
Don’t forget the paragliding (5.0 / 5)
We were picked up from the airport after arriving from Istanbul, we had a couple hours before the tour began when one of the workers in their office suggested we might want to paraglide. We initially were only interested in the travertines and the history...

Jalal I Jalal I
28 March 2016
delightful but expensive (4.0 / 5)
if u have time here u can do it, price is negotiable and u may bargain. depends on the wind situation and u can take movie or still picture of ur ride paying some more money

nishg87 nishg87 (New Delhi, India)
27 December 2015
Fly over the Cotton Castles with this Paragliding Hijackers !! (4.0 / 5)
We had only hot air ballon of Cappadocia in our mind when we first came to Turkey. But when my guide pitches it to us we took a risk and agreed for it. It was 60 euro per person and 80 liras per person for...

Umar M Umar M (London, United Kingdom)
30 September 2015
Great Pilots but Bad Owner. (4.0 / 5)
I came here with my friend. The glide itself was amazing. The pilots are extremely professional. However, some are livelier than others so experiences will vary. I can't blame them as they probably go up to tandem glide multiple times so they must be tired....

Shadi A Shadi A (Turkey)
30 July 2015
First Paragliding Experience (5.0 / 5)
It was first pitched from our tour guide that Paragliding is available in Pammukale. So we grab the chance knowing it worth 200 TL (plus additional 110 TL for videos and pictures) but the catch from our part is we do it after LUNCH since...

Oscar M Oscar M
25 July 2015
First Paraglide, Great Experience (5.0 / 5)
Had a great time with these guys. Prices are much lower than what I would otherwise pay at home in the states and they made my first paragliding experience a lot of fun.

taimoordar taimoordar (Manama, Bahrain)
21 June 2015
Awesome experience, Friendly people (4.0 / 5)
You can certainly enjoy the Pamukkale experience by going into the waters but viewing it while flying on top is the sight you might want to have. The guys from Hijackers were really friendly and experienced. One of them was a base jumper and jumps...

Maisa A Maisa A
30 May 2015
Best experience (5.0 / 5)
It was really nice to fly with this guys! They were fun and cool! Best experience in pamukkale! If you came to turkey, you have to fly with this guys!!!!

Marina B Marina B
30 May 2015
Great flight with great view (5.0 / 5)
The paragliding flight was really good, and the view of Pamukkale from there is amazing! The guides are really friendly and attentive. Totally worth it!

anish2002 anish2002
20 April 2015
Excellent company and great people (5.0 / 5)
Mustafa and Yusuf have the making of great pilots with 8+ years of experience and 2000 flights So feel very safe !!

Echo R Echo R
27 January 2015
Fun until they want you to buy pictures (3.0 / 5)
Sneak a GoPro is all I can say. My friends and I saw advertising for this at our hotel and when we learned it was only 100 lira, we said sign me up! The guys that do the paragliding are awesome. 5 stars to them....

Ashburt Ashburt
09 September 2014
Cheap ride but way to expensive pictures (3.0 / 5)
We chose this company for the cheap price we were able to get through Kale Hotel (better than right at their office.) My flight wasn't the best, very rushed it seemed to get the last bit of wind which of course wasn't strong and 3...

Hafiz R Hafiz R (Sylhet City, Bangladesh)
05 February 2014
Not Very Attractive (1.0 / 5)
Only 500 m height and less than 5-6 minute flight. Bargaining is there on price from 40 $ to 80$, strange!! Tour guide like Yasmin was always after a commission by arranging contract to pilots, avoid her, if poss. Fixing the lower price on arrival...

yara a yara a
15 September 2014
Best ride of my life (5.0 / 5)
It is a wonderful experience. The pilots were very experienced and understanding the fact that i was afraid. The ride is cheap but the photos were expensive, an extra 100 lira in addition to the ride. Other than that it was great

abhisheksen123 abhisheksen123 (Muscat, Oman)
06 December 2014
Delightful first gliding experience! (5.0 / 5)
We discovered the possibility of paragliding only upon reaching Pamukkale. 2 of us went ahead for our first-ever gliding experience. The pilots were very friendly and made us feel extremely comfortable. The pricing was quite competitive as well (we paid 50 euros per head) plus,...

30 August 2014
amazing sights (5.0 / 5)
If you have time on your vacation i Turkey this place is a must. Combination of the white walls of Pamukkale and histoics ruins from the past situated with beautiful parks is spectacular. You need at least 4 hours to discover the place. Do not...

Disjecta Disjecta (Singapore)
25 April 2013
Excellent experience! (5.0 / 5)
Very friendly and confident staff. We went for Tandem Paragliding. I always felt safe and the clear instructions in English allowed me to know exactly what I was supposed to do. Overall a brilliant experience - and perfect weather. One of the must do things...